[Matroska-general] Help ! Matroska doesn't work !!!

Francesco De Sanctis nerobat2004 at yahoo.it
Sat Oct 2 14:32:48 CEST 2004

Hello !
I have a question on Matroska software installation !
After i installed matroska full 1.03, it doesn't work !!!
I installed ffdshow 20020617, xvid 1.0, divx 5.03, but i can't play files mkv.
When i open file mkv with bsplayer it says me: "can't open file".
When i open file mkv with windows media player 9 with drag and drop, it doesn't know the file.
Just virtualdubmod can open files mkv.
I had try with virtualdubmod to convert a my divx in mkv without audio, all right but if i try to open these files with bsplayer and windows media player 9 it does those errors !
I had try too to open ffdshow configuration from Matroska Pack but it is wrong link; there it is signaled in: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\rundll32.exe ffdshow.ax,configure, but ffdshow is in: C:\WINDOWS\rundll32.exe ffdshow.ax,configure.
This is the same for ac3Filter.
I had try to uninstall and to install Matroska another time but the problem remains.
I have windows98 second edition,128mb ram, directx 9 !
Can you say me what can i do ?
Thank you !
Francesco bat

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