[Matroska-general] Bad configuration of the ML for 'reply-to' ?

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Tue Nov 16 18:19:20 CET 2004


> Whatever this link is telling me ( i didnt read it ),

Then why don't you read it?

> i hate this behaviour and i am 100% sure this is not like this for a
> complete year already.

Definitely for over half a year. I can't even remember when I switched
that back to its original setting.

> And, as you may have noticed, other team members are also sending
> email to list members instead of to the list now ( Mike aka Haali in
> matroska-devel ).

I won't quote all that's written on the page I linked to, but writing
mails to a person and not to the list accidentally does not hurt
anyone. Writing mails to the list instead of a person accidentally DOES
hurt. One of the MANY reasons why Reply-To munging is bad. 

Another is that the presence of a Reply-To header forces the replying
mailer to send the mail to that address. And that's just as wrong. Not
inserting a Reply-To header (and therefore not forcing the users) is the
right thing to do.

> EVERY sane mailing list i know will use the ML email adress when 'reply' 
> is pressed, i am 100% certain about this.

Then you're wrong, or you write on completely different MLs. Often MLs
that are frequented by Outlook users use that because their mailer is
simply fuckin' stupid and does so many things wrong that it gives you
the creeps.

But if you all want that braindead behaviour then I'll change it to
inserting Reply-Tos if there isn't one already.

BTW: You've got your mailer set to always insert a 'Reply-To'
header. Why!? I will definitely NOT turn the ML over to overwriting an
existing Reply-To header. So replies to your mails will aways go to you

> However, i will bow my head to the will of the majority of the team
> members, however they decide here.

I will do the same with the exception of overwriting existing Reply-To


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