[Matroska-general] Doing business

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Sun May 23 20:51:58 CEST 2004

Ploum a écrit :

> Steve Lhomme a écrit :
>> So my idea is this video editor. There could be the engine (GStreamer) 
>> that is completely free (AFAIR it's LGPL) and the GUI to use this 
>> engine that would be sold (maybe with different versions, like a very 
>> basic one for a few bucks or even free and a huge one allowing all 
>> kinds of stuff like DVD authoring, burning CD/DVD, etc). IMO that 
>> could be business model that works (if only GStreamer is LGPL or 
>> anything but GPL). And that would also put more emphasis on the GUI 
>> which is IMO as important as the engine.
>> I'm not sure if the free/cheap version should be open source or not 
>> (could be). IMO it should offer the same things VDM can do with AVI 
>> and MKV support, not more. If it's open source, anyone could use it to 
>> make an alternative version to the big one. But in the other hand that 
>> require the same big amount of time we would spend on it. So it's very 
>> unlikely to happen... Also if we put the sources of the whole project 
>> in CVS I'm not sure you can only allow certain parts to be hidden to 
>> anonymous users. Anyone knows ? Can Subversion do that too ? Or that 
>> would mean to have a part in a public CVS and another in a private CVS 
>> (no anonymous access).
> You can sell a packaged GPL software !  And that's a very good idea... 
> All is buisness. Simply make a flashy web page with "Order now" and 
> people will buy your software.
> But please, make it opensource and free...
> If you really want to make a proprietary software, well, I feel that 
> I've nothing to do on this mailing list ...

I know it sounds strange, even from me. But read the article. IMO it 
explains clearly why open source (and most specifically GPL) is good in 
some cases and not in others. Right now the problem is that we don't 
have enough time to progress the way we want. And time is money... If 
you find a 1 million dollar donation, you will have all the free code 
you want :) And still, I want to make the basic software (VMD 
equivalent) open source.

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