[Matroska-general] Re: New Meeting

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Fri May 14 09:51:22 CEST 2004

Steve Lhomme wrote:

> Paul Bryson wrote:
>> "Moritz Bunkus" wrote...
>>> I can't provide hosting for the packs myself, the traffic is too much.
>> Bah, 80GB/month is nothing.   ;)
> I'm currently looking for alternative solutions. I have already found 
> some with unlimited and fast traffic. We would have complete (root) 
> control on a Debian machine. I have found a few options to do that. Now 
> let's see if we can merge costs with CoreCodec...

OK, after discussing with the CoreCodec people (Cytoplas and Betaboy) it 
seems that they can't really provide the bandwidth for us and they don't 
want to move their servers to another place. Also the bigger issue in 
the Intellectual Property and patent covered binaries. As CC is hosted 
in the USA they are much more subject to Cease and Disist letters and 
maybe harder actions. So it's just not possible to host certain binaries 
there, nor anywhere else in the USA (otherwise that would just be the same).

So where does it leave us ? We need our packs the way they are, because 
otherwise it's a mess for lambda users to have something working. And we 
are working for the users...

So we need a place that could provide the bandwidth and traffic for our 
packs. The options I can see :

- free.fr : it was the place where it used to be, and I don't remember 
the reason why we left. Can anybody enligthen me ?

- SourceForge : after all they are hosting so many stuff that might 
infringe patents, we don't really care for the time being

- Leased dedicated server : we could administer our own site the way 
Mosu uses his one. I've checked some places in France and some are 
really cool. But we may have software patents in Europe very soon. So I 
think it should be good to look further like in Russia, India, China or 
whatever where patent claims are less likely to happen.

So what do everyone thinks about it ?

I don't think there is such a pressure to go hosting our stuff overseas. 
After all noone threaten to sue us and we are not that big right now (it 
will be time to move later when needed).

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