[Matroska-general] Where do we go from here ?

Liisachan Liisachan at faireal.net
Wed May 5 18:04:53 CEST 2004

> http://members.home.nl/w.speek/comparison.htm
>  From this page, it seems APE is equivalent to WavPack (unless you use 
> the extra high option). But Dave Bryant made Wavpack 4.0 more container 
> compliant (clean framing). It's still beta, but will be added to 
> Matroska ASAP.

Sounds promissing. I'd like to test WavPack too.
Well, however, APE is better for classic music than Wavpack,
at least in the past test.


Would it be too much to ask to support all the 3--FLAC WavPack 
and APE? :D


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