[Matroska-general] Where do we go from here ?

Christophe PARIS christophe.paris at free.fr
Wed May 5 12:14:32 CEST 2004

Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:
 > I second all of this requests from Liisachan, maybe with the exception
 > of APE. Honestly, since FLAC has such nice support in matroska already (
 > thanks to Jory ), and when looking at the very small differences between
 > all the lossless codecs, i wonder if we need anything else but FLAC ?
 > APE is even closed source, only the SDK to use it is open, should we
 > really support that ?

APE is not closed source, you maybe be mixing up with optimfrog.

 > If there is something in the audio compression world i am really
 > interested in, besides MPC of course, its David Bryant's Wavpack 4,
 > because of its high-bitrate lossy mode, but of course that only me.

One more good point for wavpack is the BSD licence.

 > About USF support in matroska :
 > Well, i honestly hope unmei will have the necessary time and motivation
 > to look at that one day,

Where are you living ? in China or what ? ;)
He is already working on it :p

 > because Toff doesnt seem to be really
 > interested in his baby anymore :( ..... neither does he finish the
 > specs, nor does he care about matroska muxing ....

To have Matroska muxing, first the spec need to be finished. That mean
it need to be finished and then read by several people to see if there
is no b0rk and if it's consistant. But as you know it's quite hard to
get people to comment specs.
And also having a complete enough renderer is of higher priority than
Matroska muxing IMO.
And most important thing it needs to be competitive enough.

  > of course, you know i
 > am a mean guy now, because we all know Toff is working like crazy on
 > TCMP5 ;-) ....

shhhhht it's top secret :>

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