[Matroska-general] Re: Live streaming

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Tue Mar 30 19:05:28 CEST 2004

"Christian HJ Wiesner" wrote...
> > I maintain the un-official website for NullSoft Video.
> > www.scvi.net.   I was told of your project by a friend.
> > Can the matroska container format be used for live streams ?
> In principal yes, but as we are focussed on the storage side, at least
> for the time being, there is no working implementation of a matroska
> streaming solution. I guess the VLC guys are the ones who are closest to
> this.

Actually, Foobar2000 will read Matroska audio-only files from an HTTP server
while it is being downloaded, ie streamed.

> > Is there any server software that is capable of streaming Motroska
> > media ?
> Unfortunately not

I believe it works with any standard web server.

> > I am planning including information about the matroska format as a
> > alternative to the shoutcast
> > protocol.  Cheers  Dave

To stream Matroska with Shoutcast where a person jumps into the middle of the
stream to start, you would want repeat the track information every few seconds.
The track information tells you what each stream is inside of a Matroska file
and is needed to decode any information.  This has been discussed as an error
resiliency technique to be used in all files in case the original track
information is damaged, but I don't believe any muxing tool is doing it yet.
However there should not be any issue with it and the track information does not
take much space.

The overhead required is relatively low for Matroska.  It would obviously be
more efficient to stream raw MP3 packets instead of MP3 packets inside of
Matroska.  And, the last time I looked, the Ogg container was slightly more
efficient at storing low bitrate Vorbis than Matroska, but this needs to be
reverified with the new audio lacing techniques being used in Matroska.

Use of Matroska though makes it so that any format could be stored within
Matroska and streamed where the audio player only needs a matroska streaming
plug-in and an audio decoder plug-in.  It saves the work of writing an audio
decoder plug-in that also supports reading from a streamed source.


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