[Matroska-general] Get matroska in the news again

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Wed Mar 24 16:59:58 CET 2004

>> 2. TCME :
>> After the meeting last friday night it became obvious that jcsston has 
>> done some great work with respect to TCME already. His work was based 
>> on robux4's native MSVC port, and he has successfully ported many 
>> different plugins already. Only a nasty bug in the matroska muxer 

It's good if the Windows port can help to improve the GStreamer plugin. 
The first positive point (before many others ?).

>> makes it impossible to release a first beta version already, including 
>> the capability to make a simple transcoder based on a XviD encoder 
>> plugin, allowing to create native MPEG4 MKV files from AVIsynth ( AVI 
>> ) input files.

AVISynth in GStreamer ? How does it work ? Or GStreamer can read .avs 
natively under windows (or under all platforms) ?

>> I will talk to Jory how we proceed here now, as it was decided that 
>> Gstreamer will be ported using mingw instead, making most of jcsston's 

It's sad to restrict to only one compiler when it's quite easy to have 
MSVC7 and MSVC6 support. Only the log can be a problem, otherwise it 
should work fine and everyone can have it's preferred development 

>> have a working solution based on a fork of Gstreamer, than no solution 
>> at all IMO. Mosu promised to try to port Gstreamer via mingw this 
>> weekend, but i know he was busy with other stuff.

I'm back at work these days, I can help there. I have 3 development 
machines now (and only just one brain), which an different OS for each.

>> Jory also was briefly mentioning the possibility to use something like 
>> a hybrid solution, where the gstreamer core gets ported via mingw, but 
>> the plugins are ported natively, using MSVC for the compilation. I 

If the plugins are DLLs, then yes, you can use whatever compiler you want.

>> 4. MPC :
>> I will visit CiTay tomorrow night in Kamen, and receive Frank's PC 
>> form him. My plan is to be able to visit customers somewhat close to 
>> him in the same week wednesday, and to deliver the PC to Frank. This 
>> is necessary because i will leave to China for 10 days next week 
>> sunday, so i have to deliver it before or Frank will get it 2 weeks 
>> later only. Expect some hooray on most of the public forums, if i hand 
>> the PC over to Frank and make a picture of the shake hand in his 
>> appartment. Hopefully Frank will be able to give us some new code to 
>> play with, because MPC in matroska would simply rock :) !!

That's my main goal for now. I'm alredy adding fixes to CVS for OS X 
support. And then I'll slowly dig further. Frank said he will have a 1.2 
version of the encoder/decoder source. I hope we'll be able to divide 
the stream in stand-alone packets soon.

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