[Matroska-general] Re: Get matroska in the news again

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Mon Mar 22 19:08:08 CET 2004

"Christian HJ Wiesner" wrote...
> 3. MIME types :
> Is it possible to undergo the process of registering matroska as a MIME
> type, based on the great work of Martin Nilsson ? Shouldnt  we publish
> his specs on our homepage, and give him CVS access so he can update it
> once he makes some changes ?

>From the channel a few months ago.

<Pamel> Mosu:  Mime-Type for Matroska?
<Mosu> audio/matroska, video/matroska, application/matroska
* alley_cat uses video/x-matroska and audio/x-matroska locally
<Mosu> what's the big reason for all those x- ?
<alley_cat> you're supposed to use x-* unless it's registered
<Mosu> ah ok
<Mosu> then use alley_cat's proposal

So, where do we register, and how?


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