[Matroska-general] Movement with avs2avi ... a new chance for avs2matroska, using jcsston's MKV output plugin ?

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Mon Mar 1 11:31:56 CET 2004

Hi guys,

please read here :


@jcsston : Is there any chance to make use of DaveEL's code for a MKV 
encoding tool which will output native MPEG4 MKV files ? avs2matroska 
had XviD  statically linked in the code, so i guess this will be the 
biggest obstacle, as this way we cant distribute binaries safely, and 
this is a no-go right now, given the publicity the matroska project has 
We needed to find a way to use xvid-core.dll dynamically from this tool, 
and thats maybe making most of DaveEL's existing code unsuable, and its 
better to start all over ? In the first alpha versions of avs2matroska i 
had to load the XviD VCM codec from Virtualdub to make the settings, and 
so i could make only one pass after the other. But for some hard core 
matroska users this is certainly acceptable, if they get the long 
awaited native files that way.

@spyder : Is MILK usable for this already ?

Thanks for caring guys. With Mosu being busy currently, so he cant work 
on the native transmuxer in mkvmerge, i guess it could be well worth it 
to have a look in this. Furthermore, we will release the first alpha of 
DVDto MKV this week, and this program could 100% replace VirtualdubMod 
in it, and even create native files !!



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