[Matroska-general] Re: www.matroska.org

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Tue Jul 6 20:08:16 CEST 2004

"Steve Lhomme" wrote...
> I've spent the morning trying to fix some things :
> - no more javascript, if you want to make a playskool website, do it on
> your own one

AFAIK, there shouldn't be any javascript on the recently redesigned webpages.

> There are still a *lot* of thing waiting to be done. Like :
> - clean XHTML code

Just a heads up, the mozilla folks recommend using HTML 4.01 instead of XHTML at
the moment due to incomplete support.

> - clean CSS code

The entire site has been layed out using CSS now.  You can pretty much redesign
the entire thing by just changing the CSS.  You could evenmake it look exactly
like it used to.  Right now its using A design that I thought was nice, but I'm
not married to it.

I moved the style label from the HTML to the CSS so it doesn't validate, but it
will be removed altogether once a color scheme is decided on. At them moment it
is just used to ensure that all browsers will force the PNG logos to use full
alpha transparency.  Once a background color/design is decided on, it will be a
simple matter to make this a standard 8bit graphic.

There is a little bit of CSS on each of the pages, but I will soon be moving
that to another CSS file.

> - track broken links
> - all files to download should point to dl.matroska.org
> - make the code as modular and easy to maintain as possible (PHP and SSI
> if needed)

You could make things a little easier by using PHP includes in the page, but
that would require all of the pages use absolute links instead of the relative
ones the use right now.  IE, /images/flag-uk.gif instead of
../images/flag-uk.gif due to the varying levels of the site.  Its a tradeoff.

> - setup a SVN/CVS repository to update the code automatically, will make
> it easier to work with the team (ie, please don't overwrite all the
> changes I just made)



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