[Matroska-general] License Form for TCME

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Fri Jan 30 12:28:52 CET 2004


How I see it:

two decisions. First: closed or open, and I think we all agree on
'open'. Second: which one?

Here Chris has a lot of fear that others will fork from us. I don't see
that. Neither do I see a problem with people DOing a fork. Why should we
try to prevent it? A fork cannot use the original name just like that. A
fork will only occur if we drive other developpers away, or if they want
to head in a totally different direction than we go. Then by all means
they should fork away. It won't hurt us. It would only hurt us if we
ourselves fork from us dividing our development power.

For me this is really not an issue. I strongly believe in the freedom
the GPL offers. I don't see forks happening all that often. When it does
happen (e.g. Samba) those projects usually profit from each other. In
other cases (e.g. mplayer) the forked project will not have the momentum
the original one has.

Next point: extra license. I don't see any need for yet another license
if we don't have that anti-fork-panic. We may have a problem with 3rd
party plugins, though, if we chose the GPL as I'm not really sure how a
closed source plugin would work with a GPL'ed program that links that
plugin in. I think it's ok, but IANAL.

Another problem. This project is HUGE (as in HUUUUGE). People are
talking about a complete NLVE (non linear video editor), people talk
about a very powerful program. Now you want to add the work of designing
a new license on top of that?

I don't see us getting anywhere anytime soon...

Another license won't attract other developpers, btw. Most know the GPL,
no one will know the CC.org license. They'll all ask those questions
('why?', 'what does that mean?'), and we'll spend even more time with
this issue that could have been spent much more productive.

I don't want to earn money with this thing. I want to produce something
useable, free of charge and have fun creating it. I want to work with
others on it, and if others may benefit from our work then I'm all for

Use the GPL.


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