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Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Wed Jan 21 19:44:00 CET 2004

Kintaro Hoé wrote:

> hello,
> there is a divx living room player the kiss 
> (http://www.kiss-technology.com) it support the ogg vorbis (sound only)
> but no the ogm and the matroska is the best codec for all my videos 
> but it doesn't work with it can u try something for us and you can 
> take the source code of the lastest update
> im sorry if i disturb you but i know nothing about programming at the 
> moment (im working on it)
> ^^;
> cheers :D 


we are in contact with KiSS since several months now. However, adding 
MKV support to current KiSS devices, which are based on the SIGMA EM 
85xx programmable decoder chips, seems to be more or less impossible. 
These decoders simply dont offer enough processing power to decode the 6 
most used encoding profiles for MKV files ( read more about that here : 
http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=68623 ) :

DivX/XviD video ( max. 720 * 576 ) + MP3 Stereo audio
DivX/XviD video ( max. 720 * 576 ) + AC3 2.0 oder 5.1 audio
DivX/XviD video ( max. 720 * 576 ) + DTS audio
DivX/XviD video ( max. 720 * 576 ) + Vorbis Stereo audio
DivX/XviD video ( max. 720 * 576 ) + AAC LC Stereo
DivX/XviD video ( max. 720 * 432 ) + AAC SBR ( Nero6 HE-AAC ) 5.1 Dolby 

Only the first 3 could be supported by current SIGMA chips, and they 
likely represent less than 20% of all MKV files out there, as these 
audio formats are possible in AVI also.

Another very big issue for matroska support in hardware devices was the 
missing RealVideo9 support, a very good video codec especially for anime 
and 1 CD rips. It takes a good bit more of decoding power than MPEG4 
ISO, again very hard to do for a hardware standalone unit, but enjoys a 
growing number of fans, and it seems like matroska is one of the major 
reasons behind this boom.

And no, there is no way to update the firmware of the KiSS player, as 
despite other messages, its *NOT* opensource ( KiSS only released the µC 
Linux kernel, as requested by GPL for Linux, and not the complete 
firmware ).

Sorry if i dont have any better news yet, but rest assured we are 
working hard to make this happening.

matroska project admin

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