[Matroska-general] koepi leaving XviD team

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat Jan 10 09:45:19 CET 2004


koepi's anger about matroska's success was obviously causing an overload 
yesterday, resulting in some serious flaming and insulting from him 
towards the matroska team, followed by a kick-ban from Edouard Gomez, 
who has now founder rights on #xvid freenode.net. He then decided to 
leave the team :


IMHO he had too much alcohol yesterday night, and i very much hope he 
will regret his decision and join the XviD team ...... its very 
unfortunate that this has happened, but pls. note that no matroska 
people were involved, so nobody can blame us for that.


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