[Matroska-general] New VLC 0.7.0

John Cannon spyder at matroska.org
Thu Jan 8 00:21:46 CET 2004

Steve Lhomme wrote:

> John Cannon wrote:
>>> For the MPEG I wish spyder would stop trying useless solutions and 
>>> have something working. It doesn't matter if it's clean.
>> Hmmm, I'm not sure what the useless solutions were but I have a 
>> working reader for MPEG2 and jcsston has almost finished a working 
>> muxer(supporting references) which I will use.  I am making a 
>> deadline of next weekend to have a working (maybe buggy) transmuxer.  
>> If I don't make the deadline feel free to beat me up ;)
> I save this email somewhere...
> ;)

I made it!  Well, I am very very close.  I have an MKV here with a 3 
minute video clip in MPEG2 inside(correct references and timecodes, 
durations aren't written yet but that appears to be a bug in Jory's 
muxing code, I haven't looked).  I can't play it of course as no 
splitter wants to output it right(and even if they did i am still 
missing the sequence header in the private data).  I have to figure out 
how to get the sequence header from libavformat, if that's possible.  
The code also has issues with open GOPs but I'll resolve that somehow 
later.  The important thing is that it's working :)  Once i have the 
sequence header fixed it will be testable.  BTW, I've had this working 
for almost 24 hours but the dsl tech left our phoneline unplugged ;)


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