[Matroska-general] Codec Pack Not Work for Win98

Liisachan Liisachan at faireal.net
Tue Jan 6 05:15:50 CET 2004

Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:

>> but just  to explain how to watch our fansubs ^^; (Or to explain why 
>> we should use this new format)
>> For instance, according to our tests, Matroska Pack 0.5 is safer than 
>> 1.0.0-- i know this result is not what you want,
>> but users have different views
> Hmmm ..... you are aware you cant use the new mkvmerge then, as the 
> filter in the old pack wont support the new lacing sheme .. but i 
> guess you know how to deactivate the new lacing in mkvmerge.

I know I have to "disable lacing" when I use MKVmerge, and I m doing so.

The biggest problem is, Win 98 users cannot replay MKV files at all if 
they install Codec Packs 0.6+

I'm not absolutely sure, but in my test, the last Splitter that works 
for Win 98 is dated July.
Of cource I'm using "Release" build, not "Unicode Release", when testing 
on Win98

So, I'm guessing if you recommended a codec pack for general ppl 
including win98 users, v0.5 would be the only one possibility.
I'd rather recommend MPC, because it does work for win98 altho DirectX9 
is needed.


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