[Matroska-general] Re: Re: New VLC 0.7.0

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Sun Jan 4 18:21:12 CET 2004

Paul Bryson wrote:

>>I'm not going to build a menu system that can do everything under the
>>sun. I think in 1 or 2 months it could be working.
> Again, there isn't an easy solution for this.  Where are the menus going to be
> played back?  Specific support could maybe be added to TCMP, but what else could
> support it?

Even if one player does, it's enough. It could be handled transparently 
by something like DVobSub/vsfilter by all apps that can use DVobSub.

As I said on IRC. There is something not covered yet by the specs that 
need to be addressed : not playing some parts of a file (out of chapters 
for example).

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