[Matroska-general] Re: Guide change for matroska going 1.0 ?

Liisachan Liisachan at faireal.net
Sat Jan 3 07:03:33 CET 2004

Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:

> Hi Liisachan,
> you know i am a big fan of your work. However, reading the matroska 
> Guides on http://ld-anime.faireal.net/guide/matroska-en , it still says :
>         Matroska is still in beta-testing.
> Despite all the promising features, Matroska is still not a practical 
> format to use at the moment. As of 7 June 2003, Matroska is still in 
> the beta stage (version 0.4.x.) Since Matroska has not stablized yet, 
> OGM is still the practical and realistic format to use.
> Please understand that we are now in the process of freezing the 
> container for a 1.0 release, and are leaving beta stage soon. Could 
> you then maybe change the Guides accordingly ?
> Thanks and all the best for 2004
> Christian

Well, I might edit that page and add newer info at a proper time.
You are right, needless to say we couldnt say "OGM is beter" anymore and
 I'm not going to recommend OGM because of that reason anymore
as it hasn't changed much while Matroska has been surprisingly improved.

That page says "As of 7 June 2003" very explicitly, with links to newer 
so technically it's not that wrong, but yes, I think I have to report 
about the new features now usable.

on the other hand, atm I think Matroska and things around it are still 
beta or beta-ish too

for one thing---IMHO, you 'll need a handy, safe, well-tested, 
minimalist installer for DirectShow filters just really needed,
in order to say that Matroska is now ready to use for everyone including 

Matroska Pack 1.0.x comes with many files by default, like mmswitch and 
matrix mixer and even alpha-ish CoreFLAC:
This pack is causing quite a few problems, I know someone who had to 
restore his OS because of this,
I myself had to re-install OS because of CoreFLAC trouble.
Personally I'm OK with that as beta is like that by nature. I even like 
to try newest unstable versions

However, it would be great if Minimalist Install Pack would be available 
_for ordinary ppl_
which would install only STABLE versions of MatroskaSplitter, 
CoreVorbis, VSFilter--only these 3.
Generally, bloated codec packs like nimo are hated and labeled as dangerous,
( the true reason should be that DirectShow system is too delicate and 
not very reliable,
what is bad is not codec packs but OS.)
Ordinary ppl wouldn't do custom-install: they don't know what to do when 
filters are messed up either (Graphedit / Chage merit etc)

My page is not dev's but independent users'--practical memos for users 
by users--not for devs nor by devs--
so I might say "Test this carefully. The official page says its stable 
now but it's still beta-ish"
I'd say feely something like "Matroska is great: it can do this and this 
this and even this now!
But its not omnipotent: it has this problem and you ll have to be 
careful about it"
I assume that such info from the 3rd party will be useful.

After all, our pages exist not to evangelize with Matroska,
but just  to explain how to watch our fansubs ^^; (Or to explain why we 
should use this new format)
For instance, according to our tests, Matroska Pack 0.5 is safer than 
1.0.0-- i know this result is not what you want,
but users have different views

Christian, I'll update my site when I have time, but I hope you'll 
understand the nature of our pages.


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