Re: [Matroska-general] Re: help on libmpdemux usage (Modifié par Jérôme Cornet)

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at
Tue Feb 10 10:43:57 CET 2004

Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:

> Steve, the reason i was copying the helix-general list on this email 
> was obvious :
> I wanted to see if anybody from them has the balls to comment. I know 
> they made Helix GPL, but dont you see that they are violating the GPL 
> with this ?
> Christian

I now know that i know nothing BTW :-D ..... Helix people do have their 
own license type, i guess its called RPSL or the like ..... just wanted 
to correct my earlier statement about Helix people violating the GPL ....


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