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Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Tue Feb 3 18:23:27 CET 2004

Hi Sanjay,

Sanjay, Addicam V wrote:

>Is there some reference to this activity on the corecodec.org site or anywhere else.
Nope, there isnt. Actually, porting gstreamer is part of our plan to 
create a nice, x-platform video editing tool. The purpose of this video 
editor, we didnt make big secret about this, is to make sure that 
matroska container is an option for the users, amongst other more well 
known containers ( MPEG, MP4, AVI, etc. ) we are planning to support 
from it. I dont know if this is a reason to be ashamed about, but i hope 
everybody understands that we are primarily working to help our project 
with this, as we know a missing editor is currently the biggest obstacle 
for people to use MP4 more frequently, and many still stick to AVI 
because of that.

It has always been our preferred method to invite other developers with 
similar goals to join the project, we did the same with matroska that 
time when the specs were about to be freezed ( of course, without 
reactions from any side as you may know ;-) ). So i made an announcement 
on Hydrogenaudio.org and Doom9.org, the biggest video and audio 
communities in the internet we know of. Reactions from people were quite 
astonishing for us, some didnt like our preferred license, others told 
us to shut up and stop advertising 'unfinished vapourware' and the like. 
The author of a pretty well know video editor for Windows ( normally a 
very polite guy ) even told me in a private message to  'Shut up and 
code' , adding that he thinks we have no idea what we are trying to do 
here, and that this is anyhow beyond the capabilities of the matroska 
team. Because of all this very nice reactions ( well, some were *really* 
friendly ), we more or less decided to make development of this in the 
background, without big announcements on the homepage or the like. I 
hope this is somewhat understandable now.

If you have things you liked to discuss with robux4, the chief developer 
behind the porting, i recommend to meet him on IRC, either #gstreamer or 
#matroska on irc.corecodec.com . BTW, robx4 decided to use the gstreamer 
CVS for his patches, but dont ask me about detials. Looking forward to 
talk to you, one way or another.


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>On Sat, 17 Jan 2004, ChristianHJW wrote:
>>its probably to early to talk about this, but the main developer of the
>>matroska team, Steve 'robux4' Lhomme, has recently been looking into
>>this, using mingw. We will probably call it 'WinStreamer' and host it on
>>our server, corecodec.org .
>Any reason why you don't just do it in our cvs?
>>Any comments from your side ? How would you do it ? Is there anything
>>existing yet we could try to build on ? Any ideas making a native port
>>without cygwin or mingw ?
>You should probably have a look at how glib/gtk are done on win32. Afaik
>those are native ports using MSVC and they look quite nice. But you
>should ask the people doing that on how it works exactly.
>Especially because GStreamer depends on glib :)

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