[Matroska-general] Re: SUSPENDED

Alexander Noe' alexander.noe at s2001.tu-chemnitz.de
Wed Dec 29 20:17:58 CET 2004

Paul Bryson wrote:

>"Steve Lhomme" wrote...
>>Your codec comparison is just a lazy one, made for n00bs who don't want to 
>>try hard to make a nice rip. That includes you.
>There is no reason to make personal attacks like this.  I noticed some flaws 
>right away when looking at the shootout, but you can just point those out 
>and move on.  Several of the posts are belligerent, and attacking someone on 
>their own website for something that they just spent a lot of time doing 
>that is still a very useful piece of work (flawed as it is) is uncalled for.
Yeah, like PC-Welt and Chip spend even more time on writing a load of 
crap worse
than all posts of Koepi together. The amount of time spent on something 
is no indication
of its quality.

As you can see in his replies, he's even more stupid than i had ever 
thought (and I
thought him to be pretty stupid for defending Koepi all the time). He 
even thought
seriously that I tried to establish a 2nd account on a forum where 
several moderators
are idiots, where only moderators are allowed post their OGM/MP4 
bullshit into
MKV/AVI threads...

He overrates himself, his forums
and his so-called work. Appearently he thought the forum meant something 
to me...
(Neo spoke about "more chances than others", which is true as I was 
twice before being banned as "alexnoe").

Doom9 needs an anvil and a magnet beneath him.... if he can't stand 
critics, which
seems to be the case, he should just make a rule from that.

The signature I used as darth rosenberg describes him pretty well:
La vitesse de la lumière étant supérieure à celle du son, il est donc 
normal que beaucoup de gens paraissent brillants jusqu'à ce qu'ils 
ouvrent leur gueule
(nemrod on forum.hardware.fr)


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