[Matroska-general] Subtitles TODO

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Fri Dec 10 15:27:59 CET 2004


As we are progressing with menu and other things, we are facing several 
problems with subs. Especially due to bugs or missing features in 
vsfilter. So my idea is to collect a list of things to do in vsfilter to 
move on.

Here is what I can think of. Feel free to add yours to the list. We will 
try to contact Gabest and motivate him to fix it, as it's the main 
component that he has done and on which many other people depend.

- W98 issues: W98 users are experiencing occasional crashes when using 
MKV with SRT. Version 2.23 seems to work and version 2.24 doesn't.

- "button" subs: can vsfilter display buttons as on a DVD ? There might 
be resizing issues here... Also I'm not sure how buttons work on DVD, ie 
wether it depends on a timecode, or if only an area speficied in the PCI 
packet should be displayed, or it's just a matter or changing colours.

- Multiple subtitles: Is it possible to use 2 instances of vsfilter at 
once above the same video ? ie, to use subs and buttons at the same time.

- Forced subs: we have introduced forced subs (not like default sub) in 
Matroska. Maybe there should be a way to have a forced flag/option in 
vsfilter too ?

- USF support: is there any plan to update & improve USF support in 
vsfilter ?

OT: Did anyone test Haali's splitter on W98 ? Is it supposed to work 
there too ?

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