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Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Thu Dec 9 16:00:56 CET 2004

Hi Mosu, hi Steve, hi all,

Steve Lhomme schrieb:

> | Geez, I am seriously disappointed.
> I am disappointed by how unfair Doom9 and his pals are. They won't 
> even recognize their errors in public (that must be one of their 
> rules). Instead they remove every trace of their shit hoping everyone 
> will forget. I'm glad we stand up when we see such stupid things happen. 

thanks for standing behind me on this, Steve. I understand Mosu's 
opinion quite well, he thinks that we shouldnt waste our time in trying 
to improve Doom9, but should act wisely and do the best for matroska, no 
matter what the personal consequences for each of us are. Thats a very 
professional attitude, and Mosu deserves our highest respect for that. 
He is backing up matroska to 100%, and i guess nobody here could ever 
doubt that.

On the other hand, we are still human beings, and speaking for my 
person, please bare in mind that as a sales man i have to eat a lot of 
dirt on almost a daily basis. As you might know, i am selling machinery 
worth several 100,000 €. Now you certainly do know how people behave 
sometimes if they are buying something of value today, now consider 
somebody with the power to spend a few 100,000 bucks and a dozen 
companies fighting for the order creeping into his ass. As a salesman, 
you really have to disrespect your ideas about human dignity and 
education, and much more often then you and your feelings can stand it.

What i am doing for the matroska project, and thats probably the key 
here, is a part of my private life. And to say it in simple terms, i 
cant eat even more dirt than i have to do anyhow in my professional 
life. I dont claim everything i said and did on Doom9 is really 
something to be proud of, but at least i can for 100% certain say that i 
never insulted anybody without him ( or his 'buddies' ) attacking me 
first. But again, as much as i do love the matroska project, i am not 
prepared to eat any kind of shit for it, and from every dumbass calling 
himself mod or god know what, or better : i am not preared to do this 
anymore ( i guess we all did in the beginning to get it started, but 
thats history ). The post that started this all, and i obviously cant 
repeat this often enough, was a simple question to bond , i.e. if he 
doesnt think that his reply is OT here. If this is 'insulting' or worth 
a strike, i am living in the wrong world maybe. Sure, there was a 
certain purpose behind it, and this purpose was clear to anybody knowing 
the history we had on Doom9.

In the end, i am all with Steve in his feelings about us being on Doom9 
: We are somebody in the video community !! Lets act like it !! We dont 
need to hide !

Doom9 and his mods believe we need them and their place to make matroska 
grow, and this is plain and simple bullshit ! Instead of welcoming and 
hosting us there, they even strike us for valid questions we are asking 
them if we feel we were deal injust. I should do this via PM ? Jesus, 
what for ? To waste my time ? What would it change ?

Mosu, even if you believe that this incident hurt our project, please 
try to see the chance behind it. If matroska will finally develop as i 
am convinced it will, pretty soon Doom9 himself will personally ask us 
to return there, in order not to further undermine the competence of his 
board. This guy has a very clear sense for power, and he is clever ( 
although i have to admit his PM to me wasn't ... i still have no idea 
where he read i am calling him a nazi :O ? ). Its like with any fight. 
If you avoid it, your situation will stay as it is, and nothing will 
change. Personally speaking, i was simply not prepared anymore to accept 
the situation as it was. It was unacceptable that bond can post about 
any kind of pre-alpha MP4 shit, while we have to defend ourselves from 
being called 'vapourware project' all the time. Koepi hasnt shown up in 
recent times and he is really not present as a mod in this sector 
anymore ( though he still has the power ), but guess what would have 
happened if i had dared to inform a user asking about multiple video 
streams in OGM that this is well possible with MKV !

If you decide to fight, and stand through it like a man, you can win or 
you can loose. Right now it looks like we lost ...... but lets see what 
the future will bring for us. After all, its mainly the value of 
matroska for the users that will be the main decision factor here, and 
not the forums we are posting on.

Best regards


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