[Matroska-general] [Fwd: pm copy]

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Thu Dec 9 09:51:43 CET 2004

> I strongly disagree with how you handle Koepi. And I even dislike how
> you treat bond. Ok, he has posted about MP4 in a Matroska thread. So PM
> him and ask him to stop. Or PM another mod. Or doom9 personally. But no,

IMO, PM is a big part of the problem here. If you tell one thing to a 
person all the other persons don't know (or at best the information is 
transmitted and transformed). That's why IMO problems should always been 
discussed in public... It's no surprise then that bond who came on IRC 
to fix things realise all of a sudden all we've been talking for months. 
Why ? Because it's not possible to say it in places where it's supposed 
to happen.

That's where the bug is, and that bug will not be fixed. I'll use 
another software (open source vs closed source).

> you go off turning yet another thread into a full-blown war. Great. How
> does that make us look? If such actions (saying "don't post about x in a
> y thread!" and still posting about x in a y thread) make a moderator
> look foolish/bad then your actions make us look like a bunch of immature
> children.

I only voiced when alexnoe got banned. It was still too early ? Or 
should when bend down and get beaten without saying anything ? (AFAIK 
you can't PM anymore when you are banned)

> I know that Steve will argue that you have to fight oppression. You
> do. But only where it counts/matters. And it doesn't on doom9. Doom9's
> forums are a very, very good and important place for us to tell users
> about what Matroska can do, about where it is heading, about new

No, it's not allowed to talk about coming features. You know that. And 
that is so obvious that when Chris talks about a coming feature (that 
very precise thread) a mod think he's allowed to jump over the rules.

> features etc. If not for doom9 Matroska would probably be not NEARLY as
> successful as it is today.

Things move on. AFAIK you and Haali are the biggest dev of Matroska for 
the moment. And we didn't meet you through Doom9... Matroska is already 
well-known and I don't think we need to push it a lot as we did before 
to hope to get heard.

> Publicy insulting people does not make us right either.

Insults ? Where ?

> Geez, I am seriously disappointed.

I am disappointed by how unfair Doom9 and his pals are. They won't even 
recognize their errors in public (that must be one of their rules). 
Instead they remove every trace of their shit hoping everyone will forget.

I'm glad we stand up when we see such stupid things happen.

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