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Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Wed Dec 8 19:25:25 CET 2004

"I don't want to embarrass stupid people in public, it's better to do it 
in private. This way it's said nowhere they are stupid. It will go 
unnoticed, and they can continue to act stupid. Until someone notices 
and get banned for stupid people to still have a voice."

Christian HJ Wiesner a écrit :
> Ok, i'm also banned on Doom9
> Here a PM from Doom9 to me why i got striked two more times, to finally 
> get rid of me there. Maybe not nice of me to post that to a public ML, 
> but they arent nice with us either, so i stand behind doing it.
> Please note the part where he is claiming i am calling him a nazi, just 
> because i was using an old German saying about people turning into 
> idiots when they wear a uniform. I guess he even didnt understand what i 
> wanted to tell him with that ;-) ..... but nazi age is soooooo long time 
> ago, i really wonder how he could manage to make this assumption ... 
> maybe Doom9 mods have to wear uniforms today :O ??
> All in all, time for me to finally leave this place, like robux4 has 
> decided to do already.
> Christian
> -------- Original-Nachricht --------
> Betreff:     pm copy
> Datum:     Wed, 8 Dec 2004 18:50:32 +0100
> Von:     Doom9 Feedback Hotline <feedback123 at doom9.org>
> An:     <chris at matroska.org>
> I'm not sure you can still read PMs, so here's a copy
>    quote:
>    ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>    Stop talking rubbish Doom9. Your mods do whatever they like to do,
>    and you are even backing them up. In this case here, all i did was
>    asking :
>    ' .... isnt this reply OT here ? From my understanding, this user
>    was explicitly asking about multiple streams in matroska container,
>    not in MP4 ?'
>    ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Your first sentence is a rule 4 and a rule 16.. I can pick whichever I 
> like better. I told everyone to stop this subject and you didn't. I 
> won't even comment on the insult.
> It is off topic indeed, and I've asked bond to not inject mp4 where it 
> doesn't belong. That is not unlike what you and your Matroska buddies 
> have been asked to, but whereas there's no data yet on if the mp4 
> injecting will go on, the mkv injecting has been going on for a long 
> while (though I have to admit that last time it escalated, and that's 
> been a while back now, things have been pretty normal). But you cannot 
> compare 1 occurrence with 50 ocurrences of a certain action pattern.
>    quote:
>    ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>    Or can you report about a single case where one of your mods was
>    striked for misbehaviour, or even got just a warning from your side ?
>    ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Oh but they do have gotten stiff warnings many times. But as the coach 
> of a football team tries to not wash dirty laundry in the public, 
> neither will I. I doubt that in your professional life, your boss will 
> give you a verbal butt kicking in front of clients.. he'll do that 
> privately as well and the client is never the wiser.
>    quote:
>    ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>    In Germany we have a saying, 'hand a uniform to a normal guy, and he
>    will turn into an idiot in not time ..
>    ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Uhoh, now you shot yourself in the foot big time. I doubt you knew 
> what's coming next but you should be smarter than to start with nazi 
> insinuations. As it so happens, I'm in uniform a couple of weeks a year 
> as well. Not because I chose to, but because the law says I have to. 
> Just like most of the regular soldiers in my unit, I take absolutely no 
> pleasure in wearing the uniform, and we're all looking forward to the 
> day when we'll be discharged
> But thanks for calling me a nazi and good riddance.
> P.S. I checked your strike history, and guess what.. there's plenty of 
> times where you could've opposed a strike successfully had you 
> approached me directly and privately as the rules say you should. But 
> instead you chose a snappy comeback. Your last suspension was completely 
> avoidable, as was this one. Unfortunately for you, two suspensions mean 
> a permanent ban. I take no pleasure in doing that, in fact, except for 
> whenever you clash with the authorities here, I like having you around 
> but you brought this upon yourself.
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