[Matroska-general] Re: Minutes of the IRC meeting about the new matroska packs - 9th august 2004

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Tue Aug 10 09:34:45 CEST 2004

Paul Bryson a écrit :
> "Christian HJ Wiesner" wrote...
>>The goal is to make the next packs, numbered 1.1.0, based on Haali's splitter.
> His splitter is using a new parser library written in C,
> I'm afraid I don't follow the reasoning here.  Why do you want to create a new
> splitter?  I understand that Gabest (rest his soul) can no longer maintain his
> Matroska splitter, but Toff seems to be doing a good job with modifications to
> it.  Not that I care, but it does seem like a lot of extra work. If anything, I
> would think that you would want to make a new filter based on libmatroska.  Not
> that I care, but it does seem like a lot of extra work.

There is one. It's called libmatroska but is a PITA to deal with...

Haali seems to have made a very simple design with his filter which 
should make it easier to maintain.

The pb of Gabest is that we don't have access to his CVS and so our 
_official_ splitter will never be the _official_ one from Gabest. That's 
a tricky situation. We could take the sources and put it in our SVN, but 
it depends on Gabest's baseclasses so we should import the whole 
guiverkli project to do so :(

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