[Matroska-general] Minutes of the IRC meeting about the new matroska packs - 9th august 2004

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Mon Aug 9 17:35:52 CEST 2004


> - 64 bit timestamp handling

I'm just trying to be precise here. The bug (or missing feature support)
is that Gabest's software only handles 32bit floating point numbers but
not 64bit floating numbers. The only place where mkvmerge uses a 64bit
floating point number is the segment duration. All other timestamps/
durations are already integers.

Nevertheless: This bug seems to prevent seeking from working, and the
total duration is not shown.

> c. the latest stable ffdshow build, 2004-07-25, *including* FFvfw  ( 
> :sigh: )

I voted for 'yes' here because I don't see a chance that we'll get a
no-encoders-ffdshow that's at least semi-official anytime soon.

> d. a modified vsfilter, capable to  connect to Haali's new matroska 
> parser filter, for the upcoming test phase ( see below ), also compiled 
> by Toff

yay Toff again :)

> *2.* Soon after the new packs are released *we will start a test phase 
> of the new splitter filter from Haali* , only on user forums with a high 
> technical level, i.e. Hydrogenaudio.org, Doom9, Corecodec.com .

I agree with this. Steve: just to make sure that you understand the
objections I had on IRC. I don't want the _release dates_ of both the
'stable' and the 'alpha' packs to be coupled. Both should have their own
timeframe, and if they happen to be identical for some obscure reason
then that's fine. But delaying the 'stable' release for the 'alpha'
release is IMHO not good.

> Maybe this library can become the basis for a kind of 'standard' C 
> parser lib, to be used for
> - gstreamer plugin
> - FFMPEG/libavcodec
> - mplayer

I doubt it. All of these already use the very same code base (Ronald
Bultje's code. He has written the gstreamer plugin himself, same for the
libavformat ( = FFMPEG) module with some minor help from me. The one in
mplayer was written by Aurelien Jacobs, but it is based heavily on the
gstreamer's code ( = c&p for most parts, especially the low-level EBML
handling and stuff like that)).

> - Xine

Xine and vlc are both still based upon libmatroska. The only advantage
for them to dump those demuxers and use a new one based on Haali's lib
would be if Haali's code is so small that it can be included in the
projects themselves (comparison: the Matroska demuxer in mplayer
consists of two C files, one for the low level EBML reading, one for the
Matroska element handling and the interface to mplayer + one header file
for common definitions).

> *3. Toff will write to Milan Cutka,* the main developer behind ffdshow, 
> and ask him about the chance to make slight changes to ffdshow, so that 
> a special build without MPEG4 encoder can be done for us, maybe for the 
> 1.1.0 pack already, in very best case even for the 1.0.3 packs (
> unlikely ).

Unlikely but it would be very welcome. On the other hand a lot of people
might be angry if they've installed ffdshow separately and the Matroska
pack overwrites that one with a stripped-down version. But I guess that
the installer can be enhanced to only install ffdshow if it isn't
installed already, right? Or at least ask the user?

> *4. We need a volunteer for the new packs*, to modify the existing NSIS 
> installer, if *Nibor* doesnt have the time to do it next week, as we 
> need to ship these packs urgently and ASAP, to avoid delays for 
> mkvtoolnix 0.9.5 with 64 bit precision !!

There are actually two obstacles for the 0.9.5 release. The first is the
fixed demuxer, true, but the second is the 'finalization' of the tag
mess around 'single or multiple CDs in MKA'. And as far as I know Steve
& Goldenear are still figuring that out.

> *5.* I will go through all of the text and the Disclaimer of the packs, 
> to make sure there are no typos/bugs or missing links in there. We will 
> also try to include a dedicated warning for *playback problems of MKV 
> files with RV9* content, as well as a Guide on how to play them ( 
> biggest problem currently ) and how to install Realpalyer 'safely'. 

Very good.

Go Matroska :) Go team :)


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