[Matroska-general] Tags to change

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Fri Aug 6 12:01:42 CEST 2004


As you know, Matroska has defined various tags. These tags let you put 
meta information about the content of a Matroska file (audio or video) 
or some parts of it (using chapters).

The basic idea is to be able to transmux from all known/common 
containers to Matroska without losing any information and being 
officially supported.

Supporting official tags mean that such an application would be able to 
read/write at least the defined tags. But more important is that for a 
specific content (artist or title), it should use the defined element 
and not a custom one. That means such tags could be read by other 
"compliant" application.

In the other hand Matroska allows and will still allow anyone to put 
custom tags (exotic tags) if they wish to (probably not in basic 

Right now the tag definition is in a messy state and we plan to clean 
it, maybe changing some names and improving definitions. We are going to 
it from now. And anyone you know who would like to help to improve the 
list, the compatibility with other tag systems or the definitions is 

There is no definite date to freeze the tags spec (additions will always 
be possible but not changing existing tags). We'll freeze it, when it's 

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