[Matroska-general] mkvtoolnix 1.0 release plan

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Wed Aug 4 22:22:20 CEST 2004


no, 1.0 has not been released yet ;)

Some of you have probably wondered what will happen with mkvtoolnix
after 0.9.9. Will there be, or 0.10.1 or what? No. After 0.9.9
I'll release 1.0. Maybe even before that.

So what are my plans for 1.0? Is it 'just another release'? Certainly
not. Back when I started mkvtoolnix in January 2003 I had some goals
for a 1.0 release. Those goals were few, but some of them were (too?)
ambitious. Amongst them were support for the 'usual' container formats
like reading AVI and Ogg/OGM, for some raw audio formats like MP3, AC3
and AAC and at least some text subtitle formats like SRT. Also I wanted
to support splitting and concatenation.

Some of those goals I've met very quickly (AVI, MP3 and AC3 support -
I've basically copied them from my old ogmtools), and some I haven't
implemented by now (concatenation). Some are very mature (e.g. OGM / MP3
handling), and some are rudimentary (splitting). But in many, many ways
I've surpassed my expections by far. Some examples for features that
weren't even on my _radar_ when I started mkvtoolnix were VobSubs,
RealMedia reading/writing, support for reading chapters/tags in XML
format, having a GUI for my tools and especially _running mkvtoolnix on
Windows_. As a matter of fact I'm pretty proud of what I've achieved,
and the amount of feedback I get tells me that I've done more or less OK

Earlier I've said that concatenation was part of my 'things to do before
I release 1.0'. What about it now? Well, there's AVIMux GUI which can
concatenate files, and at the moment I simply lack the time to implement
it properly. It will definitely come. That's a promise. But not before
the 1.0 release.

For 1.0 I have another feature that I've been working on together with
help from Goldenear and Toff: sample precision for timestamps and
durations. This is especially useful for audio files. Goldenear is a big
fan of making a CD rip and storing everything from the CUE sheet
information and the actual contents (compressed losslessly, of course)
to CD covers in one Matroska audio file. And everything is supposed to
be reversible! So we needed sample precision for timestamps.

I've implemented that. And this is my 'final' feature enhancement before
the 1.0 release. The next release will be 0.9.5. It will feature the
final implementation of the automatic 'CUE sheet to chapters/tags and
back' conversions and it will feature sample precise timestamps and

After 0.9.5 there will be a feature freeze, and I'll use the releases
0.9.6-0.9.9 for bug fixes only. The goal is to have a mkvtoolnix 1.0
package that is as bug free as I can make it. After the 1.0 release the
1.0 line will stay a 'stable' release if you want to call it that - only
bug fixes will be included in 1.0.x and 1.1.x. The next release with new
features will be 1.2. It might brake more often :) Well, by now you
should know how good or bad I code ;).

Before I release 0.9.5 we have to make sure that some other apps are
fixed because mkvtoolnix now uses 64bit floats in Matroska files, and at
least two authors have only implemented 32bit floats in their
applications. mkvtoolnix does not violate the Matroska specs in any
way. 64bit floats is just a feature those two persons haven't
implemented yet - probably because until now no application was using

Anyway. My plan is to release 0.9.5 sometime next week. After that I'll
see how the bug reports roll in about the sample precise timestamps and
the other stuff. There will probably be a 0.9.6 release, maybe even
0.9.7, but I guess that 0.9.8 and 0.9.9 won't happen - and 1.0 will be
released in about a month.

Now you know. 1.0 will be something special :) At least for me it
is. During the last 1 1/2 years I've spent tons of time on this project
and everything around it. Obviously it's very important to me. And I
wouldn't have come this far if there hadn't been you guys & gals. Each
feature request, each bug report, each 'thank you' shows me that my
work is not in vain. It keeps me working to improve things. If it were
an application just for me I would have stopped long ago.

I hope you agree with my plans for 1.0. If you have some valid
objections ('you have to fix this bug I haven't reported' or 'this
feature is an absolute MUST HAVE') don't hesitate to speak up :)



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