[Matroska-general] Why i am away from the project for the time being, and a general note about unemployment and relationships .....

Christian HJ Wiesner christian.hj.wiesner at web.de
Thu Apr 29 07:08:36 CEST 2004

Hi all,

just informing you why you dont see me or hear from me for the time being, in case you wondered or are concerned.

Nothing has changed, dont worry, its just that my server at home decided to not see its Ethernet card shortly before i started on another bussiness trip to China, and i couldnt fix that before i left. For that very reason, my email server @home is down, so i cant receive or send emails to my @wiesneronline.net and @matroska.org accounts. Also, for some strange reason, i cant connect to irc.corcodec.com anymore from China ( worked fine before ), and as my server is down i also cant use my own proxy to circumvent any IP range blocking, if there is one ( is there one ? ).

So dont worry, i'll be back shortly, after being able to fix my server on my return to Germany, which will be next Monday.

On a sidenote ( not really matroska related, sorry for that, but maybe interesting to some of you reading here ) :

We were searching for Windows programmers at my company now for some time, and finally hired two software engineers. Our head of development, my old friend Günter ( we know each other from university times ) had about 350 CV's on his desk, mainly students with no practical experience on a job. He wanted to hire a guy with at least 2 years job practice, but it turned out that all the guys fulfilling that precaution were either too expensive, or didnt make a good impression. now guess who finally got the jobs :

Two students were hired, with no real experience on the job, but both being already known to the company from some practical weeks, when they designed and coded some simple stuff for us, and did a good job. Now, what do i want to tell you with that ?

Well, however advanced our brains are after a couple of 1000 years cultural development, humans are still animals whith respect to their 'BIOS' ( ;-) ), or in other words, there are some basic behaviours that havent changed and will probably never change, unless we decide to replace our brains with superior CPU's one day.

One thing that is still influencing a lot, if not most of our decisions, is the importance of human relationships. People prefer to deal or work with people they know already, and this has even more validity the bigger the importance of the 'deal' is. In the case of my friend Günter hiring those 2 students he knew already, when having the choice from 350 CV's on his desk, he acted very human. Of course, as the guy responsible for the results from hiring two new engineers, he is under pressure from his ( and my ) boss. So, he was taking the the track of the lowest risk for him, hiring people where he could be quite sure they
- will bring acceptable results
- will fit in the dev team
- understand what our bussiness is about
and in case they really fail, he even has a good excuse he could use, telling his boss that he was making the decision based on their previous work, with good results.

Now, what does that mean for those of you seeking to get a job ?

Guys, try to build up relationships !! Take on part time jobs at software companies you know, and even if you just carry the mail there or have to clean the floor, you will be able to build up relationships, get access to certain people who can help you. Try to acquire for paid programming jobs on the internet, even if the payment sucks badly, and try to make a good job ( like what Jory is doing now ). Dont limit your thinking to this one job and the money you get from it, thats wrong. This job will help you to create new relationships, make new friends, get in contact with new people, etc. pp, and one day you might get a first chance from that, and your first real employment. Everything you do in your life, well almost everything, will turn out to be helpful for your life, one day in future. Of course, i said 'almost' everything, because honestly speaking i cant think of any advantages you could get from doing PC gaming ;-) .... but i guess most of you guys know my opinion about PC games anyhow.

For young, talented and intelligent people like you are, it must be pretty demotivating that even in the 3rd Millennium people are still making decisions based on human relations, instead of just facts. Well, the world is ( still ) in no way perfect, maybe we can live up to creating a better version of it once we are in charge, but for now we all have to accept the current situation, and make the best out of it.

I hope you dont misunderstand my email, i am certainly not trying to speak to you like a father to his son, i would never dare to do that. If you see it as a tip from an elder brother, i am happy :-). BTW, do yourself a favour and dont even think one second about getting a job in the multimedia programming scene. If there is one thing i learned in my life, never try to make your hobby your job. In most cases, hobbies are no good to earn a decent living, because everything thats fun has a lower value than those things nobody wants to do as a hobby ;-) .....

Greetings from Guangzhou Airport

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