[Matroska-general] Re: Where do we go from here ?

Dcoder dcoder at alexandria.cc
Tue Apr 27 16:21:54 CEST 2004

"Steve Lhomme" <steve.lhomme at free.fr> wrote in message
news:408E1690.1070207 at free.fr...
> Hi,
> It's been almost one year since we have usable tools for the general
> public to handle Matroska content. The format has progressed a bit since
> then and has become "stable" (ok, some things could be better, but it's
> already great).

Very true ;)

> So ? Is it the end of the road ? Or are we going to progress from here
> to something better and/or something new ?

I think the format is pretty good now, even if it is a bit flawed/deficient
in some things. However, there are things that could be done in Matroska,
and that would boost the popularity of Matroska. One of these things is
obviously menus. I know there are already drafts of menu specs in
matroska.org. I wish I could make anything from them, but I can't. However,
I am using my free time (it is quite a lot, since i'm a student :) to try to
understand and make something useful for Matroska or anything related to it.
I know x86 asm and some C, dunno if it's useful. Anyway, here's my list of
things that i think important for Matroska at this point:

- Control Tracks/Menus in Matroska
- Musepack in Matroska
- Matroska support in standalones (quite a long shot)
- Native MPEG4 in Matroska (dunno the actual state of this)

On par with that, it'd be nice to see a win32 port/build of Gstreamer, maybe
it would motivate some devs that are not confortable with Linux.

> Also it would be nice to make a meeting soon on IRC with as many people
> as possible. This friday (european) night would be OK for everyone ?

Fine for me. I'll be there.

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