[Matroska-general] new mkvtoolnix release 0.7.1

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri Oct 3 16:20:59 CEST 2003

Moritz Bunkus wrote:

>Hey ho,
>after looking at my webserver's logs for the last couple of days and
>seeing that the latest pre-version had about twice as many downloads as
>the latest official release (0.7.0) I decided it was time to release a
>new thingy.
Mosu, can you give us some numbers, just out of curiosity ?

>Please read the new mkvmerge-gui.html that I've created. It is a first
>shot and is not really a good guide, but it'll explain some things that
>I don't want to repeat here (e.g. about the capabilities of the chapter
>(Criticism like 'hey you don't know squat about writing good
>documentation' is not helpful - I already know that ;))
Eheheheh ... i wished i had the same skills, does that thrown a bad 
shadow on them ( = my documentation skills ) :D ??

>Anyway, here's the ChangeLog since the last release:
>        * mkvmerge: Changed the lacing strategy again. New defaults are
>        NOT to write duration elements for all blocks, NOT to use time
>        slices and to USE lacing for most audio tracks. This will save
>        some space. The downside is that the laced frames 'lose' their
>        precise timecode information. Current demuxers don't care and will
>        work nevertheless. More sophisticated applications that make use
>        of these advanced information (duration elements, time slices) are
>        not available at the moment. All these options can be toggled by
>        the user with the new/modified options --disable-lacing,
>        --enable-durations and --enable-timeslices.
I admit i completely lost track meanwhile about what timeslices etc. 
are, but let me put a big questionmark behind that :

Is it really the right thing to do ? Maybe current parsers dont support 
it, but who cares ? Abandon the advantages of timeslices, just to save a 
little bit of overhead ? I ask for opnions pls. ....

>        * mmg: new feature: Added a (nearly) full-featured chapter editor.
Great ! I was never working with chapter files myself as the chapters 
from the DVds are not suited in most cases, so i made them myself in 
VdubMod, and this is what i need in mkvmerge :) ...

>        * mkvmerge: bug fix/new feature: Rewrote the complete MP3
>        handling. Now files with ID3 tags (both v1 and v2) are handled
>        correctly. All MPEG-1 audio files (all layers) should be handled
>        correctly now.
Does that mean that a ID3 tagged MP3 file can be converted into a tagged 
MKA, and the tags are converted 1:1 ?

Mosu, a wonderful release !!! Now give us vobsubs's and i care that we 
can play them :) !!


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