[Matroska-general] is matroska ready for everyday use ?

Ploum ploum at mitose.net
Sun Nov 16 18:20:17 CET 2003

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|> This will be only for beginners, with only one simple option for the
|> quality :
|> 1) QuickyBun  - low size file, for quick downloading
|> 2) MegaBun - normal file, for quality download
|> 3) IronDick - huge file. must only fit on a CD.
| This is somehow a kind of GordianKnot (or any other software like this).
| The problem here is the maulti-platform request. Unless you make it with
| wxWindows, you'll have problems to have the same GUI on all OS.
| Otherwise it is possible. It's just assembling existing code into a
| simple software.

Yes, I was thinking about wxWindows.  It's not very difficult but I'm
not an experienced programmer.  I need advice for :

- - which encoding software must I use (to be cross-platform)?
- - which parameters are the best in most case ?
- - which video codec must I use ? (libavc or xvid ?)
|> The purpose of such application is only to promote the use of
|> matroska/libavc/ogg for people who don't want to look for options and
|> want to only click on a button.
| Yes. Even myself I would have good use of such a basic tool. Right now I
| use a combination or GordianKnot + VDM + MMG.
I only know mmg, I will look for the two other software. (but they are
not on debian :( )


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