[Matroska-general] is matroska ready for everyday use ?

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Sun Nov 16 10:49:31 CET 2003

Ploum wrote:

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> Hi,
> I make some little movie ( see frimouvy.udev.org ) and I want to put
> them on the web.
> Today, they are in avi,divx5,mp3 but I want to use free software.
> Do you think that matroska is ready from everyday use and that I can put
> matroska file on my website ? (with libavc and ogg, of course ;-) )

Yes. The format is stable now. We only add some things here and there 
once in a while to improve it. But all old files should play in new 
players. We always ensure backward compatibility. So if you make files 
now, you should always be able to use/play them in the future.

> More, I know a lot of people who also make movies. So I think that it
> would be cool to have the same way to encode our movies (no more wma,
> divx, avi, real, etc..).
> I was thinking about a multi-platform software who can encode any movie
> with libavc (or xvid ? which is the best ?), ogg vorbis in a matroska file.
> This will be only for beginners, with only one simple option for the
> quality :
> 1) QuickyBun  - low size file, for quick downloading
> 2) MegaBun - normal file, for quality download
> 3) IronDick - huge file. must only fit on a CD.

This is somehow a kind of GordianKnot (or any other software like this). 
The problem here is the maulti-platform request. Unless you make it with 
wxWindows, you'll have problems to have the same GUI on all OS. 
Otherwise it is possible. It's just assembling existing code into a 
simple software.

> The purpose of such application is only to promote the use of
> matroska/libavc/ogg for people who don't want to look for options and
> want to only click on a button.

Yes. Even myself I would have good use of such a basic tool. Right now I 
use a combination or GordianKnot + VDM + MMG.

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