[Matroska-general] is matroska ready for everyday use ?

Ploum ploum at mitose.net
Fri Nov 14 17:10:01 CET 2003

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I make some little movie ( see frimouvy.udev.org ) and I want to put
them on the web.
Today, they are in avi,divx5,mp3 but I want to use free software.

Do you think that matroska is ready from everyday use and that I can put
matroska file on my website ? (with libavc and ogg, of course ;-) )

More, I know a lot of people who also make movies. So I think that it
would be cool to have the same way to encode our movies (no more wma,
divx, avi, real, etc..).

I was thinking about a multi-platform software who can encode any movie
with libavc (or xvid ? which is the best ?), ogg vorbis in a matroska file.

This will be only for beginners, with only one simple option for the
quality :
1) QuickyBun  - low size file, for quick downloading
2) MegaBun - normal file, for quality download
3) IronDick - huge file. must only fit on a CD.

The purpose of such application is only to promote the use of
matroska/libavc/ogg for people who don't want to look for options and
want to only click on a button.

I will not speak about all the project (I have a lot of ideas). Please
see the webpage if you speak french or ask me if you are intersted :


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