[Matroska-general] New 'big' release ?

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri Nov 14 10:49:02 CET 2003

Steve Lhomme wrote:

> Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:
>> Hi, what do you all think about a new 'big' release ?
> What do you call a big release ?

A big release is what we had been doing in May, for the public launch, 
and the CHIP/Liisachan release where a lot of new features, like 
chapters, SSA subs, etc, were introduced.

>> Here is what we have right now :
>> - vobsub in mkv, muxing with mkvmerge, playback on DShow, in mplayer 
>> and VLC
>> - compressed vobsub in mkv, muxing, playback
>> - new EBML lacing sheme
>> - AviMux-GUI with MKV support
>> - FLAC in MKA ( in MS/ACM mode with huge overhead because no lacing 
>> is used )
> I think we should wait until we have something better. Either better 
> FLAC or better MonkeyAudio.

After talking to jcsston about this, i am not sure if there is a better 
way to implement FLAC than what he has done now. If i understand this 
correctly, there is still no proper way to understand where the frame 
boundaries of FLAC are, as the internal FLAC API does not allow the 
encoder to indicate a new frame/block . As a result this would mean we 
had to use FLAC in ACM compatibility mode, same way as we are foing now 
with his DirectShow encoder filter.

Maybe we should concentrate on Wavpack4 instead ? I contacted David 
Bryant, the Wavpack4 author, asking him about the sourcecode that some 
of you guys were requesting from me.

Question @ Mosu, Jcsston :

If we assume that David has made his API different than Josh and easier 
to use for us, is there any chance of getting it implemented until, say, 
middle of December ?

@ jcsston : proper lossless support in matroska REQUIRES also editing in 
VirtualdubMod, because i see the main use for this feature in video 
editing, besides our plans for 'MusicCD-in-a-MKA-file' . I know you have 
invested a lot of time in doing that with FLAC, and then recognized its 
hard or impossible to do. Jory, based on your experiences with hacking 
FLAC support into VdubMod, would you be prepared to do the same thing 
for Wavpack4 also ??

If we had this feature working, we could think about a new, BIG release 
with all the usual noise and quirks like last time, as this would truely 
justify this step
 in the eyes of the users. And i guess David will also be ready for a 
public launch of Wavpack4, including sources, until then.

What you think ?


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