[Matroska-general] New 'big' release ?

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri Nov 14 10:52:43 CET 2003

René Koch wrote:

> This are really great facts but for a 'big' release in my opionion 
> there are
>2 things missing:
>- Menu
>- USF-Subtitles
See, guys ?!?! The time is there for a USF muxer ! Its a pitty the guy 
who was interested to join us for that didnt reply at all to me anymore 
:( ...... like so many times before already ... :sigh: ....

Still, i am of the opinion if we do it, we should do it right, means 
using EBML muxing. Of course, i cant do the work, so this is all up to 
you devs.


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