[Matroska-general] New 'big' release ?

René Koch renekoch at e-divx.at
Fri Nov 14 10:24:03 CET 2003


> This DOES warrant a new release. It has been over three months now - and
> if we wait until menus or at least USF subs are done then we'll wait
> another three if not more. If we release at Dec 1st then that would be a
> good thing, IMHO. Four months between big releases is good.

OK, you're right. It's good if there is a big release now.
I just thought that e.g. menus could be done in one month or so and this
would be a time we can wait. Of course I know that it's a lot of work to
implement menus or usf-subs.

What's with MPEG2-support as ChristianHJW wrote? Is it possible to implement
this until December 1st (or what ever the date for the release is...).

An other program for the release could be DVDtoOGM Matroska Edition.
ChristianHJW started a thread with features he wants in this program. But
maybe it's too early to include this program in this release. In the next
one it should be integrated...


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