[Matroska-general] The near future of matroska - where do we go now?

Liisachan Liisachan at faireal.net
Sat Nov 1 01:11:52 CET 2003

Jory wrote:

>>- FLAC support
>FLAC is already supported via the FLAC DShow En/Decoder filters.
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Thnx for this great work :)
i tested CoreFLAC.ax n CoreFLACEncoder.dll
and they work fine basically.
my graph is like.... WAV -> wav parser -> CoreFlac encoder -> Matroska 
muxer -> mkv

it muxes, the file plays. some (minor) problems are:
1: codec id given thru graphedit is A_MS/ACM
2. cant demux as flac
3. cant eat flac

the audio can be extracted as WAV:
mkv -> splitter -> CoreFlac decoder -> WAV dest -> wav

BUT the resulted WAV is not 100% same with the input WAV,
even tho the difference might be very small (possibly WAV dest is wrong?)
Lossless lovers should be extremely picky about this anyway....

But yesterday CoreFLAC today CorePNG..... Core* owns!


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