[matroska-general] 'pimping' of matroska on Doom9

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri May 30 10:26:17 CEST 2003


there is an urgent matter to discuss with you, but i decided to use the 
list for that as we dont have any secrets towards anybody here.

I got a pretty serious warning from one of the moderators on Doom9, he 
was closing one thread of mine in the XviD section of Doom9 ( 
http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=52978 ) . Koepi is 
convinced this thread was only started to advertise matroska , and 
doesnt have a real correlation to XviD. Also, my basic question in this 
thread, if h.263 or MPEG quantizer was to be preferred for an anamorphic 
encoding with very high number of pixels, would violate the 'dont ask 
whats best' rule on Doom9.

When PM'ing Doom9 about this, and asking how he would like threads about 
matroska to be handled in general, he was replying in a very nice and 
gentle way, but with a clear message to all of us :

Its becoming more and more obvious that the high number of posts about 
matroska on Doom9 is starting to annoy the moderator team on Doom9, and 
this is not just koepi alone. koepi's motivation is clear IMHO, although 
he doesnt stop pretending he will support matroska in OggMux one day ( 
he cant, we wont ever make a stupid DirectShow muxer filter for our 
stuff ), he obviously cant live with the obvious stillstand in OGM 
development since Tobias is gone for good, and sees all his admittedly 
hard and dedicated work in making OggMuxer endangered by matroska 
getting more and more attractive for the users. For all the other mods 
Doom9 was mentioning, i dont know who they are and they didnt start 
closing matroska related threads yet, but we should maybe act wise here 
and not allow that it will ever come to this point. In the end, a lot of 
the threads about matroska on Doom9 are started by users, and not us, 
but the mods maybe dont care much and see us as the ones to blame.

I recommend that everybody, and this includes the other tough posters on 
Doom9 like Pamel, robux4 and spyder, should be very careful about 
starting new matroska threads on Doom9 for the next couple of weeks. 
Also, when answering questions from users about matroska we should watch 
out to not answer 3 times to it, and maybe even use IRC to appoint one 
of us who will answer to it, and keep it nice and short. Doom9 clearly 
gave allowance to inform the users if we have new releases, he doesnt 
have any problems here, and will even put us on his news page if he 
thinks its a relevant milestone that was achieved. That is great and 
will help us a lot, so we really should take care to not make him angry 
on us now.

Remember guys, this is not an advice, i am no matroska boss. I am just 
asking you if it was possible to take it much easier with respect to 
Doom9 in the next weeks, thats all. You are completely free to do 
whatever you want here, you are all individuals who can make your own 
decisions here. This will be hard to do, no doubt, we all have been 
working so hard for this to happpen, its real fun to see the response of 
new potential users every day, and there are a lot on Doom9, no doubt 
also. But maybe this is also a good chance to start concentrating on our 
very own forums on corecodec.com again, where not much has been posted 
lately, although there are several hundred visitors sometimes reading 
the board  ;-)  ..



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