[matroska-general] Dynamic Range Management

Frank Klemm pfk at fuchs.offl.uni-jena.de
Sun May 25 15:34:30 CEST 2003

Dynamic Range Management

What is Dynamic Range Management?
It's a more general form of ideas you found in

- Dolby Digital Dynamic Range Compression (DRC)
- Replaygain in it's two forms of for titles and albums

It has the following properties:

- You can change the volume without any re-encoding
- You can change the volume with only very little computational effort
- You can change the volume dynamic, nearly static and static
- You can have multiple volume envelopes for one file with only little overhead

Special forms:

  Digital Dolby DRC

  - at most only two profiles possible, a high quality (named DRC) and a low quality
    (named Compression)
  - mostly it is not possible to add this later (block size problem)
  - DRC        : restricted to +/- 24 dB, Res(t) = 5.3 ms
  - Compression: restricted to +/- 48 dB, Res(t) = 32 ms


  - only static volume change possible
  - can be added without any problems later
  - two profiles are possible

Generic forms:

  - up to 32 profiles
  - volume can be changed static and dynamic
  - can be used like DRC and Compression
  - can be used for title replaygain (with additional transition between
    titles, to avoid clicks)
  - can be used for album replaygain 


What do you think about this idea ?
Should this be part of Matroska or part of SV8 ?

Frank Klemm


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