[matroska-general] Re: Tags

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Fri May 30 16:30:03 CEST 2003

Pamel wrote:
>>* URLs usually apply to the whole stream/segment. Not just one part.
> You are right for the OfficialAudioFileURL, but OfficialAudioSourceURL could
> be from be for any audio portion of the file.

Are these tags, you created or took from other specs ?

Also another note... It seems that lot of IDs are invalid !!!

Some (the chapterUID and trackUID) uses the same value as in the other 
parts of the file (duplicate = bad). Others just don't follow the EBML 
rules ([12][XX] is supposed to be [12][XX][XX][XX] for example).

>>this case maybe a Tag with no TrackUID and no ChapterUID could be used.
>>Or maybe a TagAll element that would contain elements global to a
>>segment (like the SetPart, URLs).
> This was already worked out. But, unfortunately I forgot to write in the
> specs that you should fill the Track/ChapterUID with zeros to indicate the
> tags are global to all Tracks or Chapters.  In this way you can have tags
> that are global to all Chapters, but not all Tracks.

I added a new Targets system which is more logical and put everything in 
one place.

>>* And why are there secondary genres ? If you want many genres, you can
>>put a list or jyst allow the element to be multiple.
> I think this is because sometimes a movie is primarily an action movie, but
> secondarily a comedy.  It is nice to be able to place priority of one genre
> over another.  At least, this is what other tag systems seem to do.

Now with the Genres list, there can be a list of Audio genres, so it's 
not needed anymore (removed).

>>* The Encoder can be removed (already in Info and should not be editable).
> Probably.  If a WAV PCM is encoded strait to an AAC MKA file with DeDulce,
> then the MKA is combined with an MKV to make a new MKV, then:
> Encoder for the Audio track is DeDulce
> WritingApp is MKVMerge 3.3
> MuxingApp is libmatroska 0.4.3
> Is that correct, or is having an Encoder tag not needed?

If you mean the PCM-to-AAC encoder, then it should be put in the Track 
directly and not editable neither.


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