[matroska-general] Re: Tags

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Tue May 27 21:06:56 CEST 2003

More on the existing tags :

* The MultiComment part has a + on the level. Which means it can be 
placed at any level equal to 3 or lower. Is that the case ? If so it may 
be good to explain more in depth the use of this comment you can put 
everywhere and on what it applies.

* Abstract  	3  	[73][00]   	-  	-  	-  	UTF-8  	Heck if I know, its 

If there is an element noone have a clue about, its place is in the 
trash bin.

* Same applies to SubGenre, OfficialAudioFileURL, 
OfficialAudioSourceURL, PlaylistDelay.

* URLs usually apply to the whole stream/segment. Not just one part. In 
this case maybe a Tag with no TrackUID and no ChapterUID could be used. 
Or maybe a TagAll element that would contain elements global to a 
segment (like the SetPart, URLs).

* And why are there secondary genres ? If you want many genres, you can 
put a list or jyst allow the element to be multiple.

* ArchivalLocation  	3  	[45][A4]  	-  	-  	-  	UTF-8  	Indicates where 
the subject of the file is archived.

The subject of the file ???

* Somes link to the ID3 elements referred would make reading the specs 

* Contains the number of beats per minute in the main part of the audio. 
This is general.

General to what ?

* All settings related to a digitizer should be grouped. It would be 
great to find other logical groups like this.

* The Encoder can be removed (already in Info and should not be editable).

* Idem for the languages of a Track which is defined in the... Track

* UserDefinedURL  	3  	[23][4A]  	-  	-  	-  	string  	A URL that could 
be anything.

Then, there should be a list of it, and each item should have a text 

* URL of the entity. It appears in many MultiXXX elements. What is the 
difference between the URL of a title and the URL of a legal entity ? 
Idem for the Address.

I prefer to let you know before I make the changes, because you may have 
other ideas.


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