[matroska-general] Blue-HD-DVD

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Wed Mar 26 10:50:07 CET 2003


 "The purpose of our new formats is to compete internationally with new formats
in the world market and to promote the new format to China, with which we have a
good relationship," Huang said. 

" The Blue-HD-DVD specs exclude MPEG-2 compression, but ITRI is working on a
proprietary compression technology, AVC, that resembles MPEG-4 and that "stores
more than five hours of HDTV motion pictures," Huang said. MPEG-2 requires about
15 Gbytes of capacity to store two hours of video, he said. "

So there is room for newcomers in future hardware formats :)

Let's get ready !!!

(unfortunately I don't have much time this week apart from tonight)

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