[matroska-general] Re: Working matroska dshow filter

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri Mar 21 16:05:33 CET 2003


thank you so much !! This is in fact one of the greatest b-day presents 
i ever received in my whole Life !! What a coincidence, really, but this 
makes me feel REAL good today, despite the fact i am one year older now  
;) ...

My other great thanks goes of course to Cyrius and Mosu, who are the 
biggest support for us we could have ever wished for, developing all 
those great tools for matroska so that it can be used nicely on Windows 
and Linux. You guys are just great, and we hope to have you in our team 
for a very very long time !!

And while i am already in the process of saying thank you, please allow 
me to express my admiration to the people who have made this possible 
with us :

John 'spyder' Cannon, who is with the team now since the very beginning, 
mate, i know there are big things to come from you, MPA2MKA and MPEG2MKV 
are just the very beginning !

Blacksun and Betaboy, who always believed in our small project, and are 
hosting us on Corecodec for free ! Folks you're advice, both technical ( 
Ludovic ) and with respect to organisation matters ( Dan ) helped us 
soooo much ! Dont know if we ever did it without you ....

Frank Klemm, your input was soo importnat for us, it was coming exactly 
at the right time, when we were a bit clueless in what direction we 
should move with matroska .... a very warm 'Danke Schön' to you !

Toff, Ciler and Oxy, the core devs and the heart of TCMP, you were 
always friends to our project, we know we can always count on you guys !

Pamel and Milkman_Dan, the one jumped into the project when the other 
had to lean back a bit for real life reasons, but what would we be 
without your support folks !

The new developers, designers and contributors coming to our help, 
Marlena, Ronald, Mike, Rath0, animesh, bill_baroud, amit, shelly, 
Liisachan, Ayaka, Henry, How Man, Thana, Sriram, Golddragongt, David, 
maliqua, Santiago, DaveEL, Matthew, Nupur, Kimmo, and all the other 
matroska fans i couldn't think of now, in the very short notice ( and 
will hopefully accept my apologies for that ) : Your help and interest 
in our small project is pushing us forward, motivating us to give the 
best day by day, and we hope we will succeed in the end, with your help, 
to establish matroska as a nice, well designed open standard alternative 
to all existing audio and video containers !! Thanks Marlena, thanks 
guys for all you help and contribution !

And Finally : Steve, its just one more step of many steps we both were 
going together to get this project moving, but for me it has a special 
meaning, and its even more important now as it is my b-day when the 
filter first worked. I hope we will make many many steps like that in 
the future, together, and as friends  ..... thank you Steve, thank you 
for making this great day possible for me !!

/me said enough now and goes off to celebrate the birth of the matroska 
DShow filter   :-) ....


P.S. I hope nobody here got the impression now that we are a Windows 
centric project .. LOL

Ludovic 'BlackSun' Vialle wrote:

> MyFUN did it :)


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