[matroska-general] Re: Ayaka's Logos

Pamel Paul at msn.com
Sun Mar 23 16:52:52 CET 2003

"Ayaka Ishikawa" <ishikawa at life-jp.net> wrote
> I made test picture for hardware use
> http://lysithea.tripod.co.jp/temp/mkv_dvd.jpg

Wow, that is impressive.  I don't even know HOW you did that.

Seeing my logo on the front of a DVD player like that makes me realize how
much it would not fit there.  I think it looks good as an icon, especially
with some color, but it looks bad on a DVD player.

> I could not made with Marlena's, because I could not find lager size of
> My logo looks too slim. It's need to increase White part.

Yes, more white, and it is probably to wide.

Also, looking at all of those logos makes me painfully aware that we need
the writing to indicate what it is.



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