[matroska-general] Re: Ayaka's Logos

Marlena Deren marlena at 1000ad.net
Fri Mar 21 02:09:55 CET 2003


Liisachan, I saw the "flat" version of the 2nd old logo last night, I like
it. Sorry for merging everything into one graphic but it is faster for me to
do one tag than nine, especially since I do it during a boring class :)

Ayaka, do you have an opinion on anything I made with your design :)?
I have to agree with Steve on the last logo, it does look like something
that a car company would possibly use :)

I was wondering, who came up with the name "Matroska" and were there any
Also, Matroska has an immediate association with anything Russian, but
neither one of us people designing, came up with a Russian-related layouts,
did you guys (Steve and Christian) have anything like that in mind in terms
of layouts at the beginning of the project or no, since something like that
would probably have people think that this project is done a by group of
Russian developers?  I am asking because the name on the current Matroska
site is written in both ways and because I can think of a great site layout
that would work with this idea ;)   Speaking of layouts, how is that coming?
Is the new member, Justin working on it as well or perhaps something else?


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> I mirrored your new logos too,  this time I numbered them (#1-#9) just
> in case, so we can refer each of them easily.
> Personally I like the 2nd one of the previous logos (that greenish one).
> I also had upped SarreqTeryx's "flattened" version, which is simple and
> powerful
> http://www.faireal.net/matroska/matroska_logo
> - faireal (Liisachan)
> Marlena Deren wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I added couple new logos based on the two versions done by Ayaka. I did
not do them in color especially since Steve is concerned with printing,
although I can change that, obviously (don't like working too much with
black and white alone :) ).
> >Same old link: http://www.1000ad.net/marlena/matroskalogos.html
> >I did not have time to finally do these designs, until last night, sorry
for the delay.
> >I don't really know what to think of it...although I think that Ayaka's
logo should be used as he designed it.
> >
> >- Marlena
> >http://www.matroska.org
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> http://www.matroska.org


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