[matroska-general] H.264 updates

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Thu Mar 13 10:33:20 CET 2003

We have investigated a bit lately on the H.264 video codec. It's a modern (slow)
codec. So it uses new features that could/should make their way in the
container. So we had to pay attention.

One of the main features it that it can store one video frame in different
"packets" of data, each having its own priority. So it was currently impossible
to store in matroska this way.

The result of our brainstorming has come to a good result. We *do* can store it
nicely in matroska, provided we make these additions to the specs :
- a BlockGroup can contain many Block as long as they all have the same timecode
- 3 bits in the Block head will be allocated to the Block priority (that makes 8
possible values, I hope it's enough for H.264).

As you can see it doesn't break anything in the current specs and make it very
clean. I think that's a good sign on the matroska design quality :D

More on this subject can be foud here :

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