[matroska-general] Re: Howdy

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Wed Mar 12 11:27:50 CET 2003

Hi Maliqua,

finally somebody who's not afraid to use a mailing list ;) ...

Well, you were asking me via email if you could redesign the webpage for 
EBML ... well, i would assume that the USF page was the more important 
to care about, but on the other hand this page already *HAS* a basic 
design made by Blacksun, and i dont know how we will react if we put his 
design to the waste :P ... LOL

While EBML is a part ( i.e. the backbone ) of matroska without having a 
ML of its own, and all stuff regarding EBML should be discussed here, 
note there is a specific ML for USF, being  usf-devel at freelists.org . 
The main people for USF are Ludovic 'Blacksun' Vialle and Christophe 
'Toff' Paris, and they are also the people in charge if it comes to 
decisions about USF's new webdesign. I am copying the USF-devel list on 
this email, and i hope they will reply with a comment to the list how 
they feel about a new, better webdesign.

If they dont want you to work on that, consider the EBML page as being 
assigned to you ;) !

Again, welcome to the team and stay tuned for Blacksun's and Toff's 
comments about you making a new webdesing for USF.



Maliqua wrote:

>Hi, im the guy that volounteered to do your other webstuff for ya,
>i noticed that the website i picked wasnt noted here as being a need to be
>done right away, and another that wasnt assigned is..
>ill do which ever you want
>just should i take the existing text and just build a new page around that
>content, or do i have to reword stuff?
>just give me an idea of what to do, and ill try to get it all done soon for
>ya =-D


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