[matroska-general] Re: Implement support for mplayer's MPCF container format into matroska parser ?

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Tue Mar 11 17:36:18 CET 2003

En réponse à Christian HJ Wiesner <chris at matroska.org>:

> We dont like Xiph people questioning matroska, and so we should question
> their goals.

I *do* like anyone comment the format ! But if the comments are "we were here
before so shut up" of course it's totally stupid and useless.
> Now, as a result of this it may happen that a certain 'polarisation' may
> occur between Linux and Windows users, and this is pretty bad for the 

Well, maybe they don't code on Windows but we code on Linux. So I don't see a
problem if they want to stay in their own world.

> whole opensource movement IMHO. They needed a DirectShow parser to make
> sure their container could be played on Windows, and probably would even
> find someone doing it for them in the end, but they themselves dont see

Yeah, I can foresee a lot of fun if they insult the coder who want to help them
all the time...

> this being a necessity. Again, this is very dangerous for the opensource
> world IMHO. Until recently everbody was using good old AVI, QT or MP4.

It's not dangerous for open source. It may be dangerous for us, maybe. As Xiph
would say, we were there first :D

> So i was asking myself if we should maybe consider to give them the 
> 'hand of peace' , trying to smooth out the raging waves , for example by
> offering them to support their format in our DirectShow parser ?

I can predict no success in trying this. But I'm not against it.
> 1. Our first and only motivation, in any case, should be the users of 
> any of the new containers. They dont know about the 'rumbling' behind 
> the scenes, and they dont deserve to be the victims of that anyway. By
> supporting MPCF in our parser we could make their life much easier, by
> ensuring the container can be played fine on Windows.

Yes why not. But we don't really need to work with them to make a DSF for them.
The problem I can is : we don't have the resources to help them !
> 2. By offering help to the mplayer people for the DirectShow playback we
> would gain sympathy from some of the MPFC developers ( not all of them
> for sure ), but especially from the mplayer/mencoder users. This would
> also help a lot to break down 'mental barriers' and to avoid a 'drifting
> apart' from Windows and Linux world

Ever been bitten by a dog you want to carress ?
Do you think we can come with a deal : we support your format, you support ours
? One of them being a scaled down cousin of the other...

> 3. As a sideeffect we could hopefully convince them to reuse at least a
> few of the things we introduce together with matroska, such as our codec
> ID list, ( 16 bytes wont hurt them i hope ), the UCI ( or whatever it 
> will be called ) codec interface, our chapters/control tracks ( their 
> users surely will request this ) and maybe even our menuing and tagging 
> system.

That would be a wise idea, yes. Especially because it would open the door to
different codec API on different OS that deal we the same basic data.

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